"Before I proceed to give an account of the evening, it will be proper to describe to my reader the persons and characters of the party introduced to his acquaintance."
—Jane Austen,
Jack and Alice

Carrie BebrisAward-winning author Carrie Bebris is best known for her Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery series. Set in Regency England, the novels entangle some of Jane Austen's most beloved characters in intrigue.

Carrie began her career in publishing after previous roles as a journalist and college English teacher. As an editor for fantasy publisher TSR, Inc., she developed supplements for the Dungeons & Dragons® roleplaying game before striking out on her own as a freelance writer and editor. She wrote two fantasy novels, Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor (2001) and Shadowborn (1998, with William W. Connors), before making her mystery debut in 2004 with Pride and Prescience. The novel made the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association bestseller list and was named one of the five best mysteries of the year by Library Journal. Successive Mr. & Mrs. Darcy mysteries have earned starred reviews from Publisher's Weekly. North by Northanger won the Daphne du Maurier Award, which honors excellence in romantic suspense, and a Reviewers Choice Award from RT Book Reviews magazine for Best Historical Mystery of 2006. The Deception at Lyme was chosen by the City of Sheboygan, Wisconsin for its 2013 Community Read.

Carrie’s newest release, The Suspicion at Sanditon, takes Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy to the village of Sanditon, the setting of Jane Austen’s final, unfinished work. There, thirteen guests gather at the home of Lady Denham on a dark and stormy night—but their hostess never appears. Then the guests begin to vanish one by one. . . .

In addition to her novels, Carrie pens articles for Jane Austen's Regency World magazine, writes other nonfiction, and has edited such books as Tea with Jane Austen (by Kim Wilson) and Walking with William Shakespeare (by Anne-Marie Edwards). She speaks nationally and locally about Austen, writing, and publishing, and regularly presents writing workshops and seminars at venues ranging from the Antioch Writers Workshop and James Thurber House to libraries and schools.

Carrie holds a master's degree in English literature with an emphasis on 19th- century authors and studied Austen on the graduate level with one of today's most respected Austen scholars. She is a life member the Jane Austen Society of North America and regional coordinator of its Dayton, Ohio chapter, and travels to England to enhance her understanding of Austen's life and work. Reviewers praise her for capturing not only the spirit of Austen’s writings, but also the historical details of the Regency era; in the name of research, she has engaged in experiences that range from dancing at Regency balls to exploring the hold of an 18th-century warship and firing a dueling pistol.